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VICE - Where Gaming Meets Training

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Assured Mobility Simulator (AMS)

DAS developed and integrated the AMS for the US Army RDECOM-TARDEC, Sensor Technology Integration Team. The Sensor Technology Integration Team mission is to provide support for advanced sensor integration, on and off-route clearance, countermine systems, and modeling and simulation of wheeled and tracked vehicle systems to include all aspects of concept development, design and integration.

The AMS is a re-configurable simulation platform used for the development of Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP) for current and future-force engineering vehicles employed in route clearance, route maintenance, area clearance, and security patrols missions.

 The AMS simulation platform is comprised of a network of distributed PC-based systems integrated with a six degree-of-freedom motion base and completely self contained in a mobile semi-trailer. The crew station is software reconfigurable to support virtual, immersive operation and vehicle tele-operation interfaces for the following vehicle platforms: Standoff Assault Breacher (SABRE) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), Ground Standoff Minefield Detection System (GSTAMIDS) UGV, Buffalo MPV, Meerkat Interim Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (IVMMD), RG-31 MPV, and the Stryker ESV. The system software is completely data-driven, providing the capability to test a variety of performance capability and employment scenarios for each of these systems. Additionally the system software provides a configurable asymmetric threat generation system enabling the creation and execution of threat scenarios including various types of IED, land mines, vehicle-born IED, conventional weapon system fires, and small arms fire. The AMS also provides a dynamic terrain capability enabling the route clearance systems to plow the terrain for mines and feel the aftermath of a mine or IED detonation (persistent craters) by driving through or filling in the craters.

Currently the system resides at the US Army REDCOM-TARDEC facility in Warren, MI. DAS has the baseline software, technology, and expertise that comprises this system and can use the distributed, re-configurable, data-driven architecture to develop like simulations for similar purposes.